How Long Do Fiskars Scissors Last? (Quick Facts)

A great pair of scissors is one of the most important tools in your sewing kit. It would help if you had scissors for almost every craft imaginable.

Fiskars Scissors are among the best when finding the best scissors for sewing. Which ones should you buy for your specific project? More importantly, how long do they last, and is it worth the cost?

Here is everything you need to know about Fiskars Scissors and some of our top picks:

How Long do Fiskars Scissors Last?

One pair of Fiskars scissors can last a decade because they are made to go the distance. Fiskars scissors are made from high-quality stainless steel and aluminum coating and are crafted to give them strength and durability.

Luckily, Fiskars has a great warranty program for all their scissors, so you can worry less about them breaking and focus more on your project.

Also, it is important to remember that when we talk about Fiskars scissors breaking, we are not talking about everyday wear and tear.

You can easily fix common issues like chipping or dulling of the blades by sending them back for sharpening, don’t write off your Fiskars scissors if they don’t cut as well as they used to.

How Much do Fiskars Scissors Cost?

Fiskars have so many different styles of scissors that each has a different main function.

You can find scissors for as little as $5.99 up to $50. An average pair of crafting scissors made by Fiskars will cost $24.99.

These are their standard crafting angle scissors that are well-loved by crafters worldwide. Along with their angle-blade design, they also come in various colors and patterns to perfectly match your sewing aesthetic.

However, if you’re looking for a more industrial pair of Fiskars scissors, you have to pay a little extra.

Fiskars produces a pair of super-sharp crafting and fabric scissors that will run you around $45. They differ from the standard pair because the blades are far sharper and have more handle control.

This allows you to make super precise cuts while not putting too much pressure on your hands. A great pair of Fiskars scissors will run you from $20 to $45, depending on your specific needs. 

What is the Best Fiskars Scissors Model?

Choosing the right pair of Fiskars can be a struggle with so many different options.

Here are some of the best Fiskars scissor models to choose from and some pros and cons

Fiskars 8-Inch Multi-Purpose Scissors (Budget Pick)

These 8-inch Fiskars scissors are a great budget option for scissors because they are high-quality and priced at just $13.23.

They are made from high-grade stainless steel and have sharp blades that make cutting through the fabric and other lightweight materials a breeze. The comfort grip handles allow for easy cutting for both left and right-handed people.

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However, with the good comes the bad. People who bought these scissors say they feel cheaper than other pairs of Fiskars scissors and dull rather quickly.

Also, since the handles are not cushioned, it can cause some discomfort if using them for an extended time.

Fiskars Softgrip Straight Scissors (Budget Pick)

The Fiskars Softgip Scissors is another great budget option with a price tag under $7.

Unlike our last budget pick, these Fiskars scissors fix the hand holding complaint with the addition of a soft grip padding. This special grip can be found in the scissors loops and is great for taking the pressure off your hands while cutting.

This is also a great option for people with arthritis.

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While these scissors come in the standard 8-inch size, they still will do the job for whatever craft you are working on.

However, some customers say these scissors feel far less sturdy than other Fiskars styles and can fall apart after a few months.

Fiskars Craft RazorEdge Scissors (The Overall Winner)

When it comes to crafting with ease with the perfect pair of scissors, nothing beats the Fiskars Craft RazorEdge Scissors.

Unlike the other scissors, this pair has a long blade of 9-inches long. However, it does come with a higher price tag of around $20.

Like most Fiskars scissors, these craft scissors are also made from high-quality stainless steel.

With this pair of scissors, the magic is in the blades.

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The RazorEdge scissors have an ultra-sharp blade made from premium metals, offering a clean and steady cut.

Best of all, the pivoting design allows you to cut corners and turns without skipping. Some people are turned off by the bulky design that isn’t as comfortable to hold for people with smaller hands.

How Well Do Fiskar Scissors Work For Sewing?

Fiskars scissors are one of the most preferred brands among avid sewers, making them great for all your sewing projects.

The main reason is that Fiskars scissors are always made from high-quality materials, no matter the price range. It is more important to Fiskars that you get a great pair of scissors no matter how much you can spend.

Not only are the blades sharp enough to cut through fabrics like denim and linen, but they also allow you to keep a steady hand which is a big deal when working with cutting patterns.

Can You Use Fiskars Scissors For Quilting?

You can use Fiskars Scissors for quilting, but you must ensure you are using the right pair.

Using a pair of scissors that are meant for things like paper art or trimming will not hold up against heavier fabrics like the ones you use to quilt with.

Fiskars makes a great pair of sheers that are specifically designed for the art of quilting. The Fiskars Spring Action Quilter Sheers are a great option for your quilting needs.

The most notable difference is the shape of these sheers. They have a deep angle that allows you to cut through tough fabrics without cramping your hands.

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The best part about these quilting sheers is that they feature a spring-action handle that does the heavy lifting and cutting for you.

So, while traditional Fiskars scissors may not be the best choice for quilting, you still have a great option in these specific sheers.

Can You Repair a Broken Fiskars Scissor?

If you find that your Fiskar Scissors are broken, you can send them back for repair.

However, since the scissors are under warranty, you may want to consider getting a new pair altogether. Repairing scissors can come at an extra cost to you personally and may not be covered by a warranty.

This all depends on how the scissors have broken and if the company itself is at fault. Fiskars will not repair scissors that were damaged from everyday wear and tear or that were purposefully damaged.

So, if your scissors have a broken handle or a loose screw and you are not at fault, you should be able to get them repaired or replaced.

Another common type of damage you can expect with any brand of scissors is the dulling of the blades. This is especially true if you mainly use your scissors for sewing or quilting. Because you are working with heavier weighted fabrics, there is more strain on the blades of your scissors.

While Fiskars scissors do not have a sharpening service, you can purchase one of their sharpeners. These scissors sharpeners are made specifically for Fiskars brand products and are a great way to ensure that your blades are ready for the perfect cut every time.

Also, one of the most common damages will happen to your blades because they are not sharp enough. So, sharpening your scissors often at home will give them a longer shelf life.

How Long is the Warranty From Fiskars?

Fiskars offers a warranty on some of its products for up to 25 years.

However, this doesn’t include all types of scissors. It only includes specific products like their X Series and heavy-duty tools. To qualify for the 25-year warranty, you must register your product within 30 days of purchase.

The warranty that Fiskars offers mainly covers damage to the product that is most likely due to manufacturing errors. If your product breaks due to manufacturer error, Fiskars will replace or repair it at no extra cost to you.

As mentioned before, the Fiskars warranty does not cover everyday wear and tear. So if you use your scissors daily and over time, things start to break or not work as well, Fiskars will not repair or replace the item.

This is considered regular damage that happens over time and isn’t a manufacturing issue. Also, Fiskars warranty does not replace products that you lost or misplaced.

Do Fiskars Scissors Last Longer Than Other Scissors?

Fiskars’ scissors last longer than most generic brands of scissors.

This is because Fiskars specializes in these tools, so they make them with the understanding that they are supposed to last up to a decade. However, they are not the only brand made this specific way.

Many other brands of high-quality scissors are made specifically to last you for a long time. The number one reason why people prefer Fiskars brand scissors is that they offer the best of both worlds.

They are made to last and won’t take a huge bite out of your crafting budget.

Having high-quality scissors that are also affordable is a very important thing for most people. This is because crafting is an expensive hobby. You constantly have to buy new materials, fabric, and threads to make something you are proud of.

So, having tools, like scissors, that you don’t have to keep repurchasing allows you to spend more of your budget on actual crafting materials.

While Fiskars scissors last about as long as other popular brands, they are still tightly preferred. So, spend a little extra money for a premium pair and worry less about having to save for a new one and more about making your project the best it can be. Good luck.

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