How Long Do Hair Scissors Last? (Quick Facts)

A brand new pair of hair scissors can be fun to use. They can feel so sharp and effective, especially if you have used an older, duller pair before. 

However, you might wonder how long these new scissors and their effortless performance will last.

Here’s How Long Hair Scissors Last:

A new pair of hair scissors can last anywhere from 4 years to a decade. The quality of the scissors and how you care for them can impact their lifespan. You should perform regular maintenance on your hair scissors and have them sharpened as necessary.

How Long Do Hair Scissors Stay Sharp?

When you buy a new pair of hair scissors, they will be at their peak of sharpness and effectiveness. They will naturally become duller and harder to use as you use them.

The quality of your hair scissors will impact how long they stay sharp. Top brands using high-grade Japanese stainless steel can stay sharp for over a year. Lower-grade blade materials might need to be sharpened every few months. 

The amount you use your hair scissors will also dictate how long they stay sharp. If you have a brand new pair and use them only occasionally, they will stay sharper for longer than scissors used every day. 

To maximize the time between sharpening, you should establish a regular maintenance routine. Make a habit of cleaning your scissors, applying oil, and tightening them. This routine will help your scissors work as intended and stay effective for longer. 

How Often Do Hairdressers Buy New Scissors?

An investment in a good pair of hair scissors should last a few years to a decade if properly maintained. 

However, several factors can impact how often a hairdresser will need to buy a new pair of scissors.

First, the quality of the scissors will directly impact their lifespan. Cheap scissors made from lower-quality materials are destined for a shorter lifespan. 

Spending more money on a high-quality pair of scissors can be a worthwhile investment. These scissors are made from more durable materials and can last much longer. 

Japanese stainless steel has the best reputation in the world of hair scissors.

These shears are known to last up to fifteen years, with long stretches between sharpening.

A more average pair of hair scissors is likely to last between 4 and 10 years. Proper maintenance will help new scissors maximize their life expectancy. 

How Do You Know If Hair Scissors Are Dull?

There are plenty of signs that it’s time to sharpen your hair scissors. 

When your scissors are sharp, they will cut cleanly and effortlessly. When it starts to feel like they are no longer making the clean cuts you’re used to, it’s a sign they are getting dull. 

You might notice that the hair can move away from the grasp of your scissors as you attempt to cut. Dull blades will push the hair as opposed to cutting directly through it. If you notice the hair moving before it is eventually cut, it’s time to sharpen your scissors. 

You might also notice your hand getting tired when using dull scissors. When your scissors are sharp, you should be able to make clean cuts without too much effort. 

On the other hand, Dull scissors will require much more energy from you to get the job done. 

What Scissor Brands For Hair Last the Longest?

Several manufacturers and brands are known for delivering high-quality, long-lasting hair scissors. 

However, the very best and longest-lasting hair scissors tend to have one thing in common: Japanese stainless steel.

Japan has become the go-to manufacturer of the world’s best stainless steel products. 

While there are countless brands to choose from, a few industry leaders consistently produce the best and most respected scissors on the market. 

Matsui is one of the best-known brands of hair scissors. Their impeccable quality and appealing design have won their place in salons worldwide. 

Yasaka is known for making scissors that stay sharp for a long time. With a pair of Yasaka scissors, you might only need to have them sharpened once a year. 

Joewell, Kamisori, and Sozu are other well-respected manufacturers that consistently deliver long-lasting, high-quality shears. 

How Can You Make Scissors Last Longer?

Developing good habits in caring for your scissors will make them last longer. 

If you use your hair scissors daily, make sure it is part of your routine to wipe them down and clean them at the end of the day.

Make sure bits of hair, dirt, and any other debris have been removed before leaving your scissors for a long time. 

Paying attention to the chemicals that your scissors come into contact with is also important. If you are using your scissors on permed or color-treated hair, keep in mind that this hair contains chemicals that can make your scissors dull. 

Suppose your scissors come into contact with such chemicals. Clean and wipe them immediately after. By removing any residual traces of the chemicals from your shears, you minimize the risk of dullening. 

Establishing a regular oiling routine is also important for the life of your scissors. You will keep them moving and operating smoothly by adding a bit of oil to where your shears pivot.

Oiling can help remove any bits of hair and dirt from the pivot point. 

Finally, sharpening your scissors is important for their performance. However, remember that they are losing a tiny layer of steel from the blades each time they get sharpened. Make sure you choose a trusted sharpener to have them properly serviced.

Final Thoughts:

How long your hair scissors last is really up to you. 

By opting for high-quality shears, you are looking at several years of good performance, if not a decade. 

If you keep up with your maintenance routine and actively take care of your scissors, you maximize their possible lifespan. 


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