Sewing Machine Chair Buyer’s Guide

We have had lots of chairs throughout the years and we’ve found that we need to be able to adjust

When we sew we often sit down for many hours and it’s super important to be able to sit right and adjust the chair to the different tasks.

I have had some mild back problems. I had a slipped disc last November (mild one luckily, and an amazing chiropractor helped me avoid surgery!). So I have been pretty obsessed about finding the best chair as I sit down a lot during most days.

After trying several mid to high-end chairs we have landed on the Hag Capisco (Click and check the current price on Amazon). It’s a Norwegian/Scandinavian design with fantastic support for the lower back. Keeping a good posture with this chair is just easy. 

Håg capisco chair for sewing

The great part about this chair is that you can adjust it so easily and quickly. By releasing the lever on the right side you can simultaneously adjust 1) the angle between 2) the seat and back and the tipping forward and backward. And with the little wheel below it you can adjust how much weight it takes to tilt (once the lever is released).

This is so cool, and as soon as you have tried that you just don’t want to sit on anything else.

The other great thing about this chair is that you can sit backwards on it, and use the two cutaways on the backrest to rest your arms. This is great when you need a pause or you are talking to someone.

The thing with a chair of this quality is that you will want to use for many other times than sewing. So make sure to get a chair that can be used for typing on the computer, hobbies, etc.

Here’s what you should consider when looking for good chairs

It needs to be adjustable for:

  • Height
  • Seet position (ability to slide the seat forward and backward)
  • Tipping backward/forward
  • Comfortable seat