Can My Scissors Be Sharpened? (22 Types & Brands)

Imagine using your favorite pair of scissors only to find they don’t cut as well as they used to. Before you toss them out, consider if you can sharpen them and how.

Here’s what you should know:

These Are the Scissors that Can Be Sharpened:

Most pairs of scissors can be sharpened, so any pair you have should be okay. How you sharpen scissors will depend on the specific pair, the material, and how dull the blade has become. A grinding stone is an excellent choice, but sandpaper, aluminum foil, and pins can also work.

10 Scissor Types Examined:

While most scissors are safe to sharpen, it’s important to look at different types of scissors.

That way, you’ll know what tools and methods are best for the scissors you have on hand.

Consider the following scissor types and whether and how they can be sharpened.

1. Can Hair-Cutting Scissors be Sharpened?

Hair-cutting scissors can be sharpened, and a professional sharpening service is the best option.

However, a whetstone is another suitable tool for sharpening the dull blade on hair scissors.

Rubbing alcohol can also help remove dirt that dulls the blade, so it can sharpen the pair.

2. Can Pinking Scissors be Sharpened?

A sharpening stone can be used to sharpen pinking scissors.

However, there is no guarantee that sharpening this type of scissor will work, and even almost a third of new pinking scissors won’t work.

When sharpening pinking shears, avoid sharpening between the teeth.

3. Can Cuticle Scissors be Sharpened?

Cuticle scissors can be sharpened but not with a sharpening stone.

The curved edge makes it much more difficult to sharpen, and materials like foil or sandpaper work best.

Be very careful to avoid cutting yourself or making the cuticle scissors too sharp after using the sandpaper or foil.

4. Can Embroidery Scissors be Sharpened?

Embroidery scissors can be sharpened using sandpaper, foil, a sewing pin, or a glass mason jar.

A traditional sharpening stone is another useful tool for reviving dull embroidery scissors.

However, it’s best to take embroidery scissors to a professional for sharpening when possible.

5. Can Kitchen Scissors be Sharpened?

Kitchen scissors can be sharpened using anything from foil to sandpaper to a sharpening stone.

Foil is the best tool because it’s a common household item, so most people already have some lying around.

Fold the foil four to six times, then cut into it with the scissor to sharpen their blades.

6. Can Nail Scissors be Sharpened?

Nail scissors can be sharpened with many of the same materials as other types of scissors.

A unique material that can be used is a diamond wheel.

It works well because of the round shape of the wheel and the round shape of the nail scissors, so they can easily glide over each other.

7. Can Serrated Scissors be Sharpened?

Serrated scissors can be sharpened as most of them have one blade that’s not serrated.

It’s not possible to sharpen the serrated blade, but it is possible to sharpen the regular blade.

In many cases, sharpening that one blade is enough to get the scissors to cut well again.

8. Can Thinning Scissors be Sharpened?

High-quality thinning scissors can be sharpened.

An electronic sharpener is the ideal tool for the job, and it’s easy to find in many hair salons.

You can sharpen the flat blade at home with a traditional scissor sharpening tool. However, the other blade isn’t suitable for sharpening.

9. Can Zig-Zag Scissors be Sharpened?

Another name for pinking shears, zig zag scissors can be sharpened.

You’d use the same techniques to sharpen them as regular pinking scissors or shears, such as foil or a sharpening stone.

Unfortunately, you’ll also encounter the same risk of the scissors not cutting after sharpening the blade.

10. Can Fabric Scissors be Sharpened?

Fabric scissors can be sharpened with fine-grit sandpaper from #180 to #220.

Make sure the sandpaper is of high quality to get the best results. To use the sandpaper, fold it so that the gritted side is up.

Then, cut through the sandpaper as normal to get the dull blades sharp again.

3 Materials Examined:

Maybe you don’t know what type of scissors you have that you need to sharpen.

Or perhaps you know more about the materials the scissors are made of.

In any case, you should still know whether it’s safe or even smart to try and sharpen the blades.

Consider whether the following materials are safe to sharpen:

1. Can Stainless Steel scissors be Sharpened?

Stainless steel scissors can be sharpened, but it may not be necessary.

The material makes it so that the blades stay sharper for longer compared to other types of metal.

When it comes time to sharpen them, doing so can be tricky since the metal is hard and can chip more easily than other materials.

2. Can Titanium Scissors be Sharpened?

Titanium scissors can be sharpened.

For better or worse, they can be sharpened to be very sharp to the point that you could hurt yourself if you’re not careful.

Luckily, titanium scissors don’t need sharpening that often, so it could be months between the times you sharpen them.

3. Can Carbon Steel Scissors be Sharpened?

Carbon steel scissors can be sharpened just like many other materials.

Oddly enough, the material is tougher than stainless steel, but sharpening it isn’t as difficult.

It can also hold its shape for longer, thus needing sharpening much less often.

9 Brands Examined:

Maybe you don’t know much about scissors, so you aren’t sure of the material or type.

However, you do know what the brand of the scissors is.

That can be just as useful information to determine if your scissors can be sharpened:

1. Can Gingher scissors be sharpened?

Certain Gingher scissors can be sharpened.

According to the brand, the ones that can be sharpened must have a knife edge and can be sharpened with a sharpening stone.

However, it’s not safe to sharpen the brand’s pinking or embroidery scissors.

2. Can Cutco Scissors be Sharpened?

Someone at the Cutco factory can sharpen Cutco scissors.

Another option is to contact a Cutco-certified sharpening representative who can visit your home.

Then, they can sharpen the scissors safely so that you can use them as if they were new.

3. Can Scotch Scissors be Sharpened?

Scotch scissors can be sharpened with foil or other at-home methods.

A steel wool soap pad is another suitable tool for sharpening scissors from this brand.

4. Can Fiskars Scissors be Sharpened?

Fiskars scissors can be sharpened to bring them back into like-new condition.

The easiest option is to use the Fiskars SewSharp Sharpener since it’s made specifically for the brand.

However, other materials, such as foil or sandpaper, may also work in a pinch.

5. Can Kai Scissors be Sharpened?

Kai scissors can be sharpened.

The brand offers a sharpening service to customers who bought their scissors in the US, Mexico, or Canada.

Regardless of the purchase location, Kai recommends taking their scissors to a professional for sharpening, so don’t try to do it at home.

6. Can Matsui Scissors be Sharpened?

Matsui scissors can be sharpened by a professional.

Like many other high-caliber brands, it’s best not to attempt to sharpen the scissors at home without training.

7. Can Karen Kay Buckley Scissors be Sharpened?

Karen Kay Buckley scissors can be sharpened, but the specifics depend on the scissor and blade type.

For example, the company sells a pair of micro-serrated scissors, but only the flat blade is safe to sharpen.

In any case, only a professional should be the one to sharpen these scissors.

8. Can Bosch Scissors be Sharpened?

Bosch scissors can be sharpened at any Bosch kitchen center.

They’ll only sharpen straight-edge stainless steel scissors, so you’ll need to take them elsewhere if your scissors are another type or material.

9. Can Singer Scissors be Sharpened?

Singer scissors can be sharpened just like any pair of sewing scissors.

Use a good piece of sandpaper with a fine grit to get the best results.

Fold the paper in half if you need to sharpen both blades, then cut through the sandpaper as normal.

Final thoughts

Sharpening scissors is an excellent way to extend their lifespan and save a bit of money.

Be sure to consider how you can sharpen scissors based on their type, material, and brand. Then, you can gather the right materials or take your scissors to a professional.