How Much Are Fabric & Sewing Scissors? (7 Examples)

You need good scissors if you want to make cleaner fabric cuts or clip loose threads.

Be sure to consider how much a new pair will cost you:

Here’s How Much Fabric/Sewing Scissors Are:

Fabric and sewing scissors range in price from less than $7 to over $30. The exact price depends on various factors; a higher price sometimes results in better quality. Furthermore, most cheap brands on Amazon are the ones to stay away from, even when their price is tempting.

What Is the Average Cost of Fabric/Sewing Scissors?

The average cost of fabric or sewing scissors is around $5.

Of course, some scissors cost much more than this, but you can find some for a dollar or less depending on where you go.

For example, a dollar store will sell paper-cutting scissors that children or students can use to cut threads. While it is not recommended that you use these scissors to cut fabric, you still can if you want to.

Super cheap scissors are only sometimes of good quality. Spending $5 or so for a single pair should get you a decent pair, but you can spend more for specialized scissors.

That way, you’ll have a pair for cutting fabric and another pair of applique scissors, for example. If you want to buy multiple pairs, look for a bundle to help save money on each pair.

Does “More Expensive” Automatically Mean “Better?”

More expensive scissors are sometimes better than cheaper pairs. Sure, in some cases, the cost plays a significant role in the quality and lifespan of a pair of scissors.

However, other factors play a role in the price. Because of that, you may find cheaper scissors that work just as well as a pair that costs double the price.

Here are a few other things to remember when looking for the best sewing scissors:

Scissor Size

Of course, you need to consider how big a pair of scissors is. Smaller pairs require fewer materials to produce, which can usually lower the price for you, the customer.

You can find some scissors that are only a few inches long, while others are close to a foot long. The length varies based on the purpose of the scissors.

That makes it even more difficult to associate price with quality across the board. When comparing prices, stick to scissors that are the same size or for the same use case.

Scissor Purpose

Many beginners start with all-purpose scissors, which are cheap and easy to find. You may already have a pair in your house that you can use.

However, advanced sewers tend to have specialty scissors, which can cost more.

Specialty scissors are nice, but they aren’t necessary so you can get away with a cheaper pair.

Scissor Materials

Most scissors have metal blades, but the handle material can vary. There are scissors with plastic handles, metal handles, or even handles that use rubber.

The cost of these materials differs, so even if two pairs of scissors are the same size, the materials matter.

For example, scissors with plastic handles tend to cost a bit less than those with metal handles.

Scissor Bundles

A lot of scissors are available for a single purpose. However, you can also buy packs of multiple pairs, which is especially useful when you’re a beginner.

You can get all the scissors you need, and you won’t have to buy more later.

While a bundle will almost always cost more than a single pair, the per-pair cost might be lower.

Scissor Lifespan

Another thing to remember is how much use you’ll get out of a pair of scissors. Some cheap pairs may go dull in months and need help to sharpen.

On the other hand, more expensive pairs of better quality may last you for years.

So the upfront cost for those scissors is higher, but the per-use cost will even out or may even be cheaper than a pair with a lower selling price.

Can Fabric/Sewing Scissors Be Bought Second-Hand?

You should be able to find second-hand fabric or sewing scissors.

This can be an excellent way to save money while getting the necessary sewing supplies.

Buying second-hand is especially great if you want a pair of vintage scissors, but these may cost as much as a new pair. After a quick search, it took a lot of work to find used scissors that were only a couple of years old.

If you want something specific, you should spend a decent amount of time searching. Check eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and other resale websites.

The scissors you want might be available later, so check back regularly. If you find a good pair, you should be able to save at least a couple of dollars on it.

How Much Are the Best Beginner Sewing Scissors?

The price of the best beginner scissors depends on what the best beginner scissors are.

After looking at a few brands, most good scissors for beginners cost anywhere from less than $10 to about $30.

You should be able to find some suitable beginner scissors for $10. The more expensive pairs are more specialized, but you can get a good pair of all-purpose scissors to start cutting fabric.

You can expect to spend around $15 or a bit more if you want a specialized pair.

That way, you can get a pair from a good quality brand.

4 Scissor Brands to Stay Away From:

As you shop for fabric scissors, you may come across many brands.

Unfortunately, some brands aren’t the best, which can be for various reasons.

You should know what brands to avoid to make the most of your money. That way, you won’t waste your cash on a pair that will break down or go dull immediately.

Here are a few scissors brands you shouldn’t buy unless you have no other options:


Yasaka is a decent scissor brand, but there are several problems.

First, the brand is more for the hair than fabric, so you might have trouble getting the pair to work.

Also, the brand has fallen victim to many counterfeit pairs. Especially if you want to buy your scissors online, avoiding all pairs of Yasaka scissors is better.

That way, you can keep from accidentally buying a fake pair and getting something that’s low quality.

If you really want to try this brand, look for them in person since that will usually be a safer bet.

However, avoiding them is still better since scissors aren’t the best choice for cutting fabric.


Tula is an okay brand of scissors, and it does make scissors specifically for sewing.

However, some pairs have issues, such as being dull out of the box.

Even if the pair you get is sharp, it may go dull within a few weeks. Another problem is that the screw in the scissors can come loose easily, which makes cutting fabric almost impossible.

If you don’t mind tightening the screw or constantly sharpening the scissors, Tula could be a suitable brand. But both of those tasks can waste a lot of time you could otherwise spend sewing, so it’s not worth it.

You might luck out and get a good pair, but you might not.


Milward is another brand that makes sewing scissors, but you should avoid the company.

Sometimes, the scissors can feel sticky on your hands, which isn’t a comfortable feeling.

And they are sharp, but they might be a bit too sharp, so they can be dangerous. You may be able to handle them after some practice, but beginners should avoid Milward just to be safe.

Any Amazon Drop-Shipped Brand

Amazon is an amazing place to shop, and you can find some good scissors there.

However, you should avoid any brands that look like drop-shipped products.

The sellers use Amazon to ship the items to you, so they never inspect the quality. Also, many drop-shipped products have cheap wholesale prices, so they probably aren’t in the best shape.

You might get a decent pair, but buying online is always risky. It’s better to invest in a pair from a more reputable brand to cut your fabric well.

3 Best Sewing Scissor Brands:

Luckily, not all sewing scissor brands are duds.

You can find a few companies that make fabric scissors of excellent quality, so you can cut fabric quickly and easily.

Before shopping for your next pair, keep a few brands in mind. Then, you can almost guarantee you’ll get a pair that will work well and last a long time.

Here are a few brands that are worth your time and money.


Fiskars is one of the most well-known scissor brands out there.

While they make a lot of all-purpose scissors, many of their products work very well for cutting fabric.

That makes the brand an especially attractive option for beginners. Many people have used Fiskars for other things around the house or their school projects.

You might still have an old pair in a drawer, so you don’t need to buy a pair.

If you want to start sewing soon, give your old Fiskars scissors a go.


Many crafters think of sewing machines when they think of the brand SINGER.

However, the company makes a variety of scissors that you can use to cut fabric or complete a sewing project.

They make scissors as small as 4.5 inches and as long as 9.5 inches, so you can get the pair you need.

If you’re starting your scissor collection, you can get a pack with multiple pairs in various sizes.

SINGER is one of the best brands for sewing gear, and their scissors are no exception. Plus, the scissors are all pretty affordable.


Gingher is another brand that makes some of the best sewing scissors.

They sell everything from applique scissors to dressmaker shears to embroidery scissors.

Pairs come as small as 3.5 inches and as long as 10 inches. You can slowly build your collection of scissors, so you can buy the pair you need when you need it.

Gingher scissors are a bit more expensive than other brands, about $25 and up per pair.

However, they can be well worth the investment if you’re serious about sewing.

Final Thoughts

The best fabric and sewing scissors cost anywhere from $5 to $30.

Pricing depends on the scissors’ brand, size, and materials, and many pairs are affordable and great for beginners.


Stay Sharp: Buyer Beware: Avoid Counterfeit Yasaka Scissors