Gifts For People Who Sew: 14 Ideas (Beginners & Pro’s)

Finding the perfect gift for anyone can be hard. It is just easier when we know which that person’s hobbies.

We have gathered a solid list of gift ideas for people who sew. Feel free to steal our ideas!

I personally love shopping for gifts for my loved ones but I know other people struggle with this. So here is a long list of perfect gift ideas for seamstresses and other people who like to sew.

We will start by looking at different gift ideas for the sewing area. Afterward, we will move on to look at some ideas for young seamstresses and beginners.

Gifts for the sewing area

If you’re looking for gift ideas for a person who just started sewing you might want to check out another article first. In this article, we list all the basic items and accessories any new seamstress will need.

And in this section, we will start by looking at gift ideas for people who have been sewing for a while. Or put in other words, gifts ideas for people who already have the basic sewing gear and stuff.

A good set of scissors

A good set of scissors is always great to have around your sewing table. Even though the person already has a scissor (or two) there are always special scissors that can’t be a great addition to the setup.

Over time, most sewing scissors tend to get worn after being used with paper and stuff. So eventually a good sewing scissor often becomes an all-around scissor of the household. This means it’s time to get a new good dedicated sewing scissor.

You are some of the special scissors used for sewing:

  • Dressmaker shears
  • Small scissors
  • Paper Scissors
  • Scissors with a spring mechanism

You can read more about these special sewing scissors in this article.

This type of scissor is also great to have especially when you’re working a lot around the sewing table. It will relieve your hand muscles to operate this scissor:

Scissor for sewing

This is something a lot of people don’t think about before they really need to (pain!). Over time your hand will get tired from cutting the fabric and it’s just great to be able to change the work position once in a while.

My sister introduced me to this scissor type many years ago and I ‘m very happy she did so. It’s designed to be ergonomically balanced for your hands and fingers.

Extension Table

If you can find a good extension table for the specific machine your friend uses it will always bring joy.

A Good extension table is critical when you’re working with larger pieces of fabric. It will prevent the fabric from pulling left when you’re feeding the machine. This is something a lot of new seamstresses seem to have problems with.

It takes time to learn how to feed the machine properly and having a good extension table will definitely help with that.

It’s important that you check the model and brand of the specific sewing machine before you go out and shop for an extension table. Because you want to make sure that it fits the machine properly.

A transparent extension table like the one below it is really cool because it will let you see exactly what you’re doing.

And at the same time you can easily see what’s laying below the table:

Transparent extension table

You can find a great selection of these types of tables here.

Make sure you get a model with measurements printed on the glass/plastic. It’s very handy to be able to measure the fabric without having to locate the measuring tape.

Small Hand Vacuumers

Small battery-driven vacuum cleaners are great for the sewing area for several reasons. They are easy to operate and they do not have a cord.

Hand vacuumer

You can find here at Amazon, and you have a lot of different qualities and types to choose from.

Because they are battery operated they are easy to get around with and with a good charge you will often be able to vacuum for up to 30 minutes.

There are several reasons why we love these tiny hand-held vacuumers.

First, they are really easy to use and you can get them in everywhere. Secondly, and more importantly, you can also use them to clean the sewing machine!

It’s really important to use the right gear when we are cleaning the sewing machine. For instance, you never want to use an air blower inside the machine because you will only blow the lint and dirt further into the machine. You should use at a handheld vacuumer instead which will remove lint from the machine entirely.

Here is an extensive guide on how to clean your sewing machine.

Working lamp with magnifying glass

magnifying lamp for sewing

It’s important to have a good working lamp when you are sewing. Otherwise, you might get tired eyes and have a hard time concentrating. Especially if you’re working on an older machine which doesn’t have an automatic threading system. It’ just not fun to find the eye of the needles every time you need to thread the machine.

This is especially a great gift for elderly people who like to sew. If she likes to sew at night this is extra important.

A good sewing lamp is something you can keep for a lifetime and it’s a really good investment.

It will also come in handy whenever you want to read a good book at night our do other crafty work.

The first thing you need to find out is whether it should be a table lamp or a floor lamp. This depends on the person’s sewing set up. We believe the best choice is a floor lamp as you can easily move it around between the different stations (ironing, cutting, and sewing).

Here’s a picture of our standard setup:

basic sewing table setup

This is probably how most people will set up a sewing area. For this type of setup, it’s great to have a floor lamp with wheels. Because it will enable you to have the best directional light at the sewing area as well as the cutting and ironing area.

We have written a separate article with everything you need to know about working lamps (with or without) magnifying glasses.

Cute mugs with text

You can also get a special mug with a cool print like this one:

Mug for seamstress

It’s a cool way to acknowledge the other person and a really fun gift that he/she can use every day.

Coffee mugs are always great gifts because they will remind you again and again about the person who gave it to you. Every time you pull it out of the shelf it will put a smile on your face.

There are a lot of other cups as well. You can check out all the cool designs here at Amazon.

Here are some of the funniest quotes you can get on a cup:

  • “I just want to quilt and watch Hallmark Christmas movies all day”
  • “Mess with my fabric and I’ll rip your seams out”
  • “You haven’t had enough coffee on till you can thread a sewing machine while it’s running”
  • “Sewciopath”
  • “I may look like I’m listening to you but in my head, I’m thinking about quilting”
  • “Any day spent sewing is a good day”
  • “Yes, I do have a retirement plan. I plan to sew”
  • And more… (Click the link to Amazon above the quotes to see all the great cup designs).

Funny signs

You can find a lot of funny signs related to sewing online.

These are two of the best we have seen. They will put a smile on most seamstresses and will be fun to have hanging on the wall in the sewing room.

Funny signs

These two signs can be found here at Amazon.

When you click the link above you will also find a lot of other funny signs for the sewing room. There are all signs with funny quotes and funny images related to sewing.

If you don’t know which type of sewing machine your friend is using these signs are always a great idea as a gift.

Wedge cushion for the sewing chair

A “wedge cushion” is a special cushion which is higher toward the back of the seat. It will help you sit upright with a good healthy posture.

Wedge Cushion For Chair

They are often sold primarily for car seats but they are really great for seamstresses as well. Because we often spend a lot of hours in front of the sewing machine we need some support and help to get a good healthy posture.

Many seamstresses have neck and shoulder pain because they tend to lean forward instead of sitting upright. So a combination of a good office chair and a wedge cushion is a really good idea. Especially if you’re sewing several times per week.

They can also be used in other places like the car, the sofa, the dinner table etc.

So if the person you are getting a gift for has back or shoulder problems, this is a really good gift idea.

A Mannequin

If the budget will allow it a Mannequin is also a great option.

Adjustable mannequin for sewing

It’s a great help whenever you aren’t selling the peace of close for someone who’s not available. Or maybe the person that is selling clothes for him or herself. Either way, it is much easier to set the right measurements on a mannequin in order to test the progress on the go.

The mannequin above is found here at Amazon.

We have a model quite similar to the one above and it’s a really great helper.

It has a ton of dials to set all the measurements just right before you start. It’s hard to find a helper more patient than this girl ūüôā

You can also get mannequins which are made to specific measures which you cannot adjust. But the best solutions are adjustable mannequins as they can “grow” with you (and your friends).

Another reason why we like the model above is the ability to insert needles into the soft areas.

It’s great to be able to attach the clothes with needles. You just need to make sure you don’t stick ’em in too deep.

Sewing-related gifts for young people

You should good list with many gift suggestions for young people. We have done our best to find out what is trending right now among young girls so there should be something for everyone on the list.

These are some of the trends we have come by recently.

Stuffed animal sewing kit

Stuffed animal has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. So that’s a very good chance your young friend will love to get a starter kit¬†with everything you need in order to start sewing stuffed animals.

Stuffed animals

It’s actually not that hard to finish a project like this even though they look rather complicated. So this is also a great gift for new seamstresses.

There are a lot of different animals and figures you can choose from so you can also find a good gift here for the seasoned seamstress with lots of experience. Make sure to check difficulty level on the pattern before you buy it.

You can check out the different books and patterns here at Amazon.

Embroidery Hoops

Embroidery work has become popular again during the last couple of years. Many young people have taken up this type of craft and started creating beautiful embroidery work on shirts, pants, etc.

So if the young person you have in mind likes sewing that’s a really good chance he or she will also enjoy embroidery work.

Embroidery hoops

You can find special embroidery starter kits or you can just give the person and an embroidery hoop (like the one above). It doesn’t cost much so It should be possible to add some fabric, embroidery needles, and thread as well.

Click here to see all the embroidery stuff at Amazon.

You’re might also be able to find a local course on embroidery. Sewing classes can be a great way to meet other like-minded people. This is especially a good idea if your young person has recently moved to a new town (to study etc.).

Quilting beginner kits

Quilting is another retro sewing-style that has started to gain popularity again over the last couple of years.

Quilting beginner kits

Young people are doing embroidery and quilting work again and it’s not that hard to learn if you already know how to work a needle. The best way to into quilting is to start out with a quilting kit.

These kits typically include all the fabric patches you needed in order to do your first quilting project. You can also find rotary cutters, rulers, and a cutting mat. Basically everything you need to get started.

It might be a good idea to bundle a beginners kit with a book on how to get started. Quilting isn’t hard but there are some techniques you need to learn in order to get it right.

We found several great quilting kits here at Amazon.

Pattern books

New inspiration is always great.

You can find a lot of inspiration and patterns online but sometimes it’s just really nice to have them all gathered in a book.

That will make it easier to find the same pattern again if you want to do the same project more than once.

If you’re buying a book with patterns online you need to make sure it’s either inches or centimeters. European and Canadian measurements are typically done and centimeters. So check this before you buy a book and make sure they are noted in inches only (or both centimeters and inches).

You also want to make sure that you are buying patterns which are easy enough for a beginner.

For beginners, you can get patterns for these projects:

  • Pin-cushions formed as an animal
    A little cushion for you sewing pins can be made in a few hours. It doesn’t matter if you get every cut and measurement right because it will work anyway.
  • Aprons
    An apron is another great project because it’s very straightforward sewing. It doesn’t have to fit a hundred percent in order to work properly
  • Baskets & Bags
    Bosket and bags are also great because you can do them in different sizes and you can typically use some scrap fabric you have laying around.
  • Loose jackets
    A loose summer jacket is also an easy sewing project for beginners. We don’t want to start out with something that needs to fit tightly.
  • Skirts
    For the same reason, the skirts are also great. It’s also a very simple construction with a single back zipper.
  • Pajamas
    The last sewing pattern we will recommend here is pajamas. Pajamas are supposed to be big enough that you can comfortably sleep in them and use them as relaxed clothing.

You can also ask the seamstress what type of project he or she would like to do. Just make sure the patterns you are getting fit the person’s skills.

Because it can be very frustrating to get started on a project which is too complicated.

Trolley bags for sewing machines

If our young friend is taking sewing classes, it’s a great idea to give her a trolley bag for the sewing machine. It will make it so much easier to bring the sewing machine with her and it will also protect the machine from dust and rain.

Trolley bags come in a lot of different colors and styles. The most important thing here is to get one that fits the machine. The size of a sewing machine can vary so it’s not enough to just the one for the right brand.

Trolley bags

Here you can find a great selection of trolleys and cases.

These bags are also important when you go traveling with your sewing machine. We have written a guide on how to travel with your sewing machine here.

That hard a lot of different trolleys and all kinds of qualities. So you should be able to find one at the right price point.

Compact Irons

Compact iron

Even though you might already have an iron it’s always great to have a small iron as well.

It will be easier to work with when you need to get into corners and tight spaces.

The compact irons are also great for traveling and taking to class. It’s great to be able to bring your sewing gear over to the neighbor or to visit a friend. And that iron is one of the things we too often leave at home because it is super heavy.

Here you will find some of the best compact irons on the market.

They are great for quick touch-ups and traveling.

Great sewing machines for beginners

Maybe you want to inspire someone to get started on the sewing machine. We have written a lot about the best sewing machines and how to find a good deal.

For new seamstresses, the best option is typically to go with a good basic mechanical model. Later or you might want to upgrade to a computerized sewing machine but for learning how to sew, it’s a good idea to start with one of the basic models.

These are some of the things you should look for in a basic sewing machine:

  • Automatic threading system
    With the automatic needle threader, the machine will do most of the threading for you. If you get a model with this system you don’t have to stick the thread through the eye of the needle.
    You can also choose a drop-in bobbin system. These are the machines with the bobbin case mounted horizontally below the needle place. They will (almost) let you load in the bobbin by simply dropping it into the bobbin case.
  • Free Arm
    The free arm will let you pull a tube of fabric over the arm. It’s important to be able to do this in order to do a hem on a pair of pants for instance. It’s also really nice if you’re going to sew corners or other tight spots.
    Almost every new machine will have a free arm and to access it you simply remove the accessory trade.
  • Decent size Throat
    You also want a decently sized throat on the machine. This throat is the space at the right side of the needle. So what we mean here is that you want to be able to work with the fabric at both sides of the needle.
    If the throat sizes too small you will have to trouble to move the fabric around. This will be Frustrating if you want to do embroidery or quilting work.

Other than this you should really just go for a basic model and you’re good to go.

If you’re buying the sewing machine us a gift for someone you should make sure to buy from a local shop. Otherwise, our new seamstress will have trouble getting it repaired and getting the help she needs.

A used mechanical model is a good starter-machine

It can be a good idea to buy a used sewing machine for the first model you will own.

The reason being that you might exchange it for a better and more sophisticated model after a few months or a few years. 

We don’t want you to spend too much money on a¬†mechanical model because you might upgrade to a computerized model after a while. We always recommend starting out on the basic model and then upgrade as you get more familiar with all the different settings.

You can check out this guide on how to buy a used sewing machine

A buying guide for basic sewing machines

However, if you are looking to buy a brand-new sewing machine we also have a few guides to get you pointed in the right directions.

Check out these tips on how to find the best beginners models.

You can also check this article where we go through the five most sold sewing machines. It’s also a great place to start looking for a high-quality machine the lucky owner can keep for a lifetime and even pass on to the next generation.

Gifts ideas for new seamstresses

Finding a gift for someone who just recently started sewing is a great opportunity to find something that person will benefit from in many years to come.

Just make sure to check with the close relatives, In order to find out exactly which items the person hasn’t bought already.

We have made a list of items you would always keep around just sewing area.

We have written this list in a separate post, so it should be fairly easy for you to choose the best option >> See the list of must-have items for sewing.

Remember to always keep the receipt for your purchase so the receiver of the gift can exchange it for something else or return it to the store.

We hope this article has inspired you to find a good gift for your sewing friend. We might add to the list once in a while whenever become by other great accessories for seamstresses.

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