How Long Before Scissors Get Dull? (Checked)

There is a huge difference between fabric, scissors, and scissors for cutting paper.

Ensuring you know the differences and how you should use them is very important. If you have fabric scissors, you want to make sure you’re only using them for fabric.

If you use them on other materials, they can become dull.

What Are Fabric Scissors?

Fabric scissors are very sharp with a steep angle.

They are often made from carbon steel, which can last longer than regular scissors that cut paper.

It’s essential to use fabric-specific scissors to cut through fabric properly. This will make your cuts smoother and more efficient. It will also make it easier for you to make projects go faster.

Fabric scissors are also considered to last longer than regular scissors. However, if you use them in other materials such as paper or cardboard, they can become dull.

If your fabric scissors are particularly long, they can be considered fabric “shears.” Fabric shears are great for larger projects and longer cuts.

They are also great for trimming seams and facings. 

There are many different kinds of scissors used in sewing and crafting: some for delicate tasks like needlework and others for difficult tasks like leather or suede.

When Are Scissors Considered “Dull?”

You don’t want dull scissors for cutting fabric.

Scissors are considered dull when they can no longer cut through fabric properly or if the cut that they’re making is not clean.

Dull fabric scissors can make your fabric come out looking serrated or bumpy. Only clean edges can make the most beautiful quilts and clothes.

Scissors can become dull if you use them on abrasive materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic packages, or duct tape.

Make sure that you are only using your fabric scissors on fabrics. Furthermore, make sure you know how strong your scissors are and how many fabric pieces it can cut at a time.

How Long Do Scissors Generally Last?

All scissors become dull over time, no matter what you’re doing.

Even if the brand is incredibly expensive or fancy, it will eventually dull, especially if you are a sewer who cuts fabric daily or does it for a living. 

A good pair of fabric scissors can last you a lifetime if you take care of it, get it sharpened or maintained professionally, and don’t overdo it.

However, if you are abusing your scissors, you may only have them for a few years at most.

Abusing your scissors would be using them on difficult materials (cardboard, wires, duct tape, plastic packages), cutting things that they’re not supposed to be used with, or never having them sharpened or maintained.

Can You Sharpen Scissors Yourself?

Here are a couple of ways to sharpen your scissors yourself:

Aluminum Foil:

One easy way to sharpen your scissors at home is to cut aluminum foil. You will want to make several cuts.

By making sure that both blades make contact with the aluminum foil, you are more likely to sharpen your sewing scissors better.

Once you have sharpened them with the aluminum foil, test them out on some fabric and see if it goes through properly.

Abrasive Stone:

Others will use an abrasive stone at home, which you can buy at certain crafting stores. Usually, these stones are used to sharpen kitchen knives or butcher knives.

Whenever you use an abrasive stone, you will want to sharpen the blade at the proper angle; accomplished by separating the two halves of your scissors if you can separate them.

That way, you can angle them individually rather than try to do it while they are stuck together.

If you aren’t sure how to use an abrasive stone at home, make sure to ask your crafting store when you purchase it.

When you sharpen your scissors, make sure to wear gloves or protect your hands in case of accidentally cutting yourself.


Like aluminum foil, you can use sandpaper to sharpen your scissors.

You will want a sheet with 150 to 200 grit to cut. To make sure that your blade is smoother, cut the rough side facing outward.

You will want to make about 10 to 20 cuts.

You should only do this with still sharp scissors that could use some touching up. Make sure to wipe down your scissors when you’re done.

If all else fails, take it to a specific shop or a crafting store and see if you can get them sharpened by a professional.

Which Brands of Scissors Stay Sharpest Longest?

Three scissors brands are pretty well-known among the sewing community.

While they aren’t the only scissor brands out there that last long, they are the most commonly used: 

  1. Fiskars 
  2. SINGER 
  3. Gingher 

Reports on the longevity of scissors vary depending on the customer. Manufacturer websites tend not to put down how long scissors are meant to last just in case they don’t.

Especially since all scissors require maintenance and care to extend their lifespan.

However, for very expensive scissors or great brands, you can expect them to last a couple of years. Scissors that you take in to get maintained or sharpened can last you “lifetimes,” according to some sewing professionals.

Here are 4 fabric scissors brands and models that have been said to last a few years at least:

1. Gingher Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears

Made of an alloy steel material, the Ghingher dressmakers’ shears are made of seriously strong stuff.

Coming in at $23 on Amazon, these Ghinger scissors are great for cutting large patterns and long swaths of cloth. Their length is better for cutting seams, and their knife edge helps you cut multiple layers at a time.

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The bent angle is great for holding the scissors and fabric flat as you cut.

With almost 9,000 ratings on Amazon and five stars, these scissors are perfect for a professional. 

2. Fiskars Razor-Edge Softgrip Scissors

While they’re on the pricey side of about $24, these Fiskars scissors are totally worth it. 

These 8-inch scissors with a soft grip are ideal for cutting a wide variety of materials.

Not only can you cut fabric with them, but you can also cut things like denim and leather.

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These scissors are extremely sharp and ground to a razor edge because the blades are made of hardened stainless steel.

A soft-grip handle can reduce your fatigue and is much more comfortable when sewing for a long time. They are light and weigh about .3 pounds.

You can also cut through multiple layers of material at the same time. These Fiskars scissors are considered to be ergonomically sound. 

3. SINGER ProSeries Bent Sewing Scissors

At only about $11, these SINGER ProSeries scissors are perfect for cutting through multiple layers of fabric.

You can use them for many sewing or crafting projects, such as quilting or needlework.

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Not only are the blades tempered, but they are ground on both sides for increased sharpness. This increased sharpness can lead to a longer lifespan.

With over 4,000 ratings and almost five stars on Amazon, these scissors are considered great for heavy-duty projects and professional sewers. 

4. iBayam 8″ Multipurpose Scissors

On the cheaper side of things, these $8 scissors from iBayam are great for multipurpose uses.

Whether you use them at school with your kids or at home when you’re crafting, these scissors are great for both fabric and as school supplies.

While you shouldn’t cut paper with these if you use them for fabric, you can use them in both scenarios.

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This three-pack comes in several different fun colors, which is great for kids who want to learn how to sew. You can use these for sewing, dressmaking, tailoring, and cutting quilt fabric.

The manufacturer says they can last for about 100,000 cuts, but it’s important to remember that kids can dull scissors quickly.

They are soft grip and comfortable, perfect for long projects that take time.


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