Do All Mannequins Have White Skin? (We Checked It)

Do you have trouble getting sales of your clothing?

Before you invest in ads, consider if mannequins may be the right option, whether you go with white or another color.

Here’s What Colors Mannequins Come in:

White mannequins are the most familiar. However, other colors include black, red, and blue. When looking for a more neutral color, there are also mannequins in various skin tones. Stores will sometimes choose colorful mannequins to stand out from the basic white color to attract customers.

Are There Colorful Mannequins?

You can find plenty of colorful mannequins to use in a retail store or for photos to sell clothes online.

When finding a dress form to use for your clothes, you can also look for different colors.

Not only that, but there are colorful options for full-body, torso, head, and other mannequin styles. That means you should consider how you plan to use a mannequin before you choose one.

Then, you’ll be able to find a mannequin in the right color, style, and size. Plus, you can make sure to buy a mannequin that fits your budget.

What Are the Most Common Mannequin Colors?

The selection of mannequin colors can vary based on where you shop for yours.

However, some colors are much more popular than others, so they’re easier to find.

If you aren’t sure what colors you want, common ones are great to start with. On the other hand, you may want a specific color, in which case you can shop around for it.

You don’t have to stick to common colors, especially if you want to stand out or if your mannequin will be for your use in your crafting studio. Either way, you may want to know about popular options.

Then, you’ll have an easier time finding the right mannequin if you select a good color.


White is a familiar color in the world of mannequins.

If you’ve ever seen a white one in a store, you know it looks sleek and can help catch your eye, especially when there are dark clothes on it.

This color is simple, and it goes with many different things. You can use it with neutral or bright colors, so you don’t have to swap out mannequins each time you want to change the outfits.

Because it’s so prevalent, you can find white dress forms in various sizes and styles.

Whether you want a natural or abstract look, you should be able to find it in white.

No matter the style, white is fairly unassuming for any mannequin. That makes it the perfect addition to a retail store or to use for showing off clothes you plan to sell online.


Another neutral, popular color to consider is black.

Like white, black mannequins look excellent with many different clothes to change out the outfits with the seasons.

If you’re on a budget, you may want to go with some black dress forms for now. You won’t have to pay for a new set of mannequins to match them with the next season’s clothing styles.

When deciding between white and black, consider the clothes you have.

A white mannequin may show off darker colors, but black is perfect for showing off lighter hues and some bright pieces.

You can also consider your store’s branding to decide which color fits better. Then, the whole store will feel more cohesive for you and shoppers.

Skin Tones

Technically more than one color, you can find mannequins in various skin tones.

This is a great option if you want to show off how a clothing item will look when someone wears it.

If you sell online, people may want to see how it compares to their skin. A skin tone mannequin is perfect for showing off clothing in colors that may wash you out, such as pure white or other lighter colors.

To accommodate all customers, you can buy a mannequin or two in light and darker skin tones. Then, you may be able to attract more buyers online.

But having skin tone mannequins in a store window can get people to go into your store.

It may become an easy yet effective marketing strategy for brick-and-mortar retailers.


If you want to go with a color that’s a bit out there, blue is relatively easy to find.

You can find full mannequins and heads in blue so that you can use the color in different ways.

Depending on where you find one, you might be able to choose the blue hue you want. A darker blue can help lighter colors stand out, and the reverse is true for a darker shade.

Of course, you aren’t necessarily going for a natural look with a blue dress form. However, it’s an excellent choice if blue is part of your branding.

Customers may recognize it’s your store in pictures from the signature color.

Or you can use the color because you like it or want to showcase other colors with it.


Another popular non-neutral color for mannequins is red.

Similar to blue, you can find red dress forms for heads or full bodies, so you can get the design you want.

Depending on where you look, you might also be able to find different hues or even pink mannequins. Like blue, you can use red or pink to match your store branding to clarify that the mannequins are yours.

These colors are also suitable for showing off clothing in neutral colors.

You might also use a red mannequin to display green clothing if you have a Christmas theme.

Red can be a bit dark, so you might not want to use a ton of them in a small store. They could make the room feel smaller than it is, but the color can also catch someone’s eye as they walk by.

Do Mannequins Come With Realistic Skin Colors & Features?

Some mannequins come in various skin colors so that you can appeal to all customers.

You can make your customers feel seen, and a realistic mannequin may help people feel better about buying something.

Similarly, you may be able to find mannequins with realistic skin features. Some women’s mannequins feature breasts and curves, while others look similar to petite women.

Mannequins of men may have some abs showing, just like how some men have those muscles showing. You can find mannequins of kids as well as plus-size adults.

When shopping for head mannequins, some have realistic facial features. Even if the tone is the same and doesn’t change for the eyes or lips, it can be nice to help you fit hats or other accessories for the face.

Along with realistic mannequins, you can find plenty of abstract ones. Keep that in mind when deciding what type of mannequin meets your needs.

Do White Mannequins Blend Better With Colorful Clothes?

White mannequins may blend better with certain color clothing items.

However, it depends on the colors in the clothes, the pattern, and other factors.

For example, perhaps you have a bright yellow top you want to display. Because white and yellow are lighter, a black mannequin may be a better choice.

On the other hand, darker colors might stand out much better on the white background.

The same is true if you have a shirt with stripes in colors such as yellow, black, and blue.

Even if a white mannequin doesn’t necessarily blend with colorful clothes, it shouldn’t clash too much. However, if you put a colorful top on a colored mannequin, the hues may clash if they’re too close but not the same.

When to Use White Mannequins

Even if it’s not the best selection, a white mannequin is an excellent choice for most outfits.

The color goes with pretty much everything, so you can easily swap out clothes with the seasons.

That’s an excellent benefit if you don’t have extra money for mannequins. You’ll be able to use the same set all year round, so you can save money and keep from wasting space in your storage room.

When it comes to what white mannequins are best for, that includes darker colors. They’ll pop more against the white, so be sure to use this color mannequin when displaying black, blue, or green clothing.

You might also want to use white mannequins to brighten up your store or a display. That can help get customers in a good mood to keep shopping.

When to Use Colorful Mannequins

White mannequins may go with more colors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a colorful dress form or two.

Mannequins come in tons of colors and shades, so you can experiment with what works.

An excellent way to use a colorful mannequin is to display a neutral outfit. If you sell black or white pantsuits, for example, you can use a colorful mannequin to grab peoples’ attention.

As mentioned, a colorful mannequin may also help strengthen your branding. If one of your hues is the same as a dress form that you can find, you’ll be able to use that to help market your clothing.

You can also use colorful mannequins for seasonal sales and promotions.

Of course, red and green are useful for Christmas, while pink or yellow are great for displaying spring clothing.

Are White Mannequins Better for Selling Merchandise?

White mannequins may help you get more retail sales in person or online.

In-person, they can brighten up a store, and the color is neutral enough that people can picture themselves in the clothes.

If you sell clothing online, white mannequins are also useful. You can display the clothes and keep them from having too many distractions in the listing photos.

However, you may want to test out different mannequin colors if you can afford them. Depending on your ideal customers, store location, and other factors, a colorful dress form may get you more sales.

Final Thoughts

Shopping for mannequins isn’t easy, especially since they can be expensive.

While white mannequins are great, consider other colors to help make your clothing stand out. You may get more sales.


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