Are Stainless Steel Scissors Any Good? (Checked)

Building your crafting kit is fully customizable!

From the type of needles you use to your favorite seam ripper, it is all about finding the tool that works best for you and your projects—one of those key tools that every crafter needs are a great pair of scissors.

Are stainless steel scissors the way to go? How can you tell when something is trendy because it has a high price tag or a need?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

Here’s Why Stainless Steel Scissors are Great:

Stainless steel scissors are sharper, durable, and usually of great quality. They are made sharper than regular scissors by cutting them at an angle. They can be more expensive but should last you longer when properly cared for. You can also get pinking shears in stainless steel form.

Are Stainless Steel Scissors Sharper?

Stainless steel scissors are sharper than regular scissors, but it has little to do with the metal and more with how they are made.

Because stainless steel is a tough metal, they have to be cut at a certain angle.

It is this angle that gives them their signature sharpness. This also means that not all stainless steel scissors will be the same for sharpness.

Each brand cuts angels on their scissors differently, which means some will be duller. Another thing to note is that a great cut is a combination of the sharpness of the scissors and the pressure of the cut.

Because stainless steel is a heavier metal, that extra weight does you a huge favor when cutting a clean line.

There is always a downside like most things in life, and stainless steel scissors are no exception.

While stainless steel scissors are sharper than others, they are very difficult to sharpen because stainless steel is a very heavy and hard metal, so when you try to sharpen the scissors, they can chip or even break.

Because of this, most people choose to purchase new scissors instead of going through the hassle of sharpening them!

Do Stainless Steel Scissors Cost More?

Stainless steel scissors mainly used for sewing and crafting run more expensive than traditional scissors.

Some brands of steel scissors can run you up into hundreds of dollars.

However, don’t spend that much money on stainless steel scissors when so many high-quality brands are on the market for a fraction of the cost.

So, how much should you be spending on a great pair of steel scissors for your next crafting project? I like the steel scissors that run at a mid-range price point anywhere from $25-$50!

Another thing to remember when shopping for a great pair of stainless steel scissors is that since they are difficult to sharpen, keep in mind that you may be repurchasing them every year, depending on how much you use them.

However, there is another option to consider! If you are one of those who are using their scissors day in and out so that they will dull quickly, you may want to consider getting a more expensive pair!

This is because many top-tier brands offer free sharpening for your stainless steel scissors. This means that once they dull, you can ship them back for sharpening.

If they happen to break or chip during the sharpening process, you can expect a replacement pair!

It all comes down to how much you want to invest in your scissors and what the return will be for you.

Can You Get Pinking Shears in Stainless Steel?

Pinking shears are an absolute must for anyone interested in sewing, whether or not you are a professional!

These special scissors are made for a specific type of fabric cutting, mostly woven cloth.

When you try to cut this type of fabric with regular scissors, the weaves in the fabric will fall apart, which will cause fraying and splitting in the edges of the fabric.

Anyone who loves to sew knows that fraying edges can be a serious project killer. That’s where pinking shears come in handy!

They not only can save your fabric, but they can also save you some money in the long run.

So, Do They Come in Stainless Steel?

There are plenty of stainless steel pinking sheers on the market.

However, their price will be higher than other regular stainless steel scissors because pinking shears, in general, tend to come at a higher cost to you. To me, they are well worth the cost!

This is because steel pinking shears are guaranteed to give you precision and a clean cut every time – and it isn’t only great for fabric either!

Without ruining your materials, you can cleanly cut through cardboard, leather, and even the finest paper. Just keep in mind that the more you use your steel pinking shears, the faster they will dull.

Are Stainless Steel Scissors Better for Quilting?

Stainless steel scissors work for quilting just fine, but are they better than high-grade metal scissors for this specific realm of crafting?

When quilting, you have to remember that you are working with heavier fabrics often layered together, making it difficult to get a clean cut right through.

While stainless steel scissors offer great stability, they are more prone to dulling.

So, if you are quilting often, stainless steel scissors may not be the best choice for you.

Most quilters like using high-carbon scissors for their projects. This is because the blade on these shears stays sharp for much longer.

Cutting heavy fabrics with a dulling blade is a sure way to mess up your fabric and can be disastrous for your project overall.

Carbon scissors are more prone to rust than stainless steel ones. So, it comes down to which master you want to serve. In comparison, stainless steel blades will dull quicker while quilting. They won’t rust.

In contrast, carbon shears will stay sharp but can rust quickly. It seems like either way you go. You will need to replace your scissors eventually.

Do Professionals Use Stainless Steel Scissors?

Crafting professionals from sewers to quilters all have some stainless steel scissors in their tool kits.

This is because stainless steel shears are far sharper than other basic brands.

Anyone who loves to craft with fabric knows that it depends on how sharp your scissors are. This way, you can easily cut through fabric like a dream without fraying or tearing.

What is the best of the best when it comes to stainless steel scissors?

What brands do professionals prefer, and how much can you expect to spend on them?


When talking about top brands of stainless steel scissors that professionals recommend, Clauss is at the top of any professional’s list.

Their collection of high-quality shears has been trusted for decades and offers high-quality products with years of trusted experience.

Best of all, they have all of your stainless steel scissor need covered! With dozens of different styles and sizes, you can easily find exactly what you need with this one shop!

Not only do they offer products with perfect precision, but all of their products are also money-back guaranteed, which can give you some peace of mind when dropping some serious money.

Cresent Wiss:

Another brand that is often talked about for high-quality professional shears is Cresent Wiss.

Cresent Wiss traditionally deals in industrial shears that cut everything from fabric to metal. So you are sure to find the best pair of stainless steel shears no matter what the project is.

Best of all, they have large sizes up to 11-inch shears, which are perfect for crafters who work with lots of yards of fabric.

This way, you can cut down on your cutting time and focus more on perfecting your project.

3 Best Stainless Steel Scissor Brands:

Now that you know what to look for in a great pair of stainless steel scissors, it’s time to do a little shopping!

Here are some of the best stainless steel scissors you can find on the market that come highly recommended by crafters and sewing enthusiasts alike!

Guggenhein IX Professional Tailor Shears

The Guggenheim IX Professional Shears is one of the top high-quality tailoring shears available on the market today.

These professional scissors are 100% stainless steel and are guaranteed to cut through any fabric easily.

While this pair is an 8-inch set, they have many different styles and sizes to choose from so that you can find the best pair for your project.

Also, I love that there is a lifetime warranty with these scissors. With the price point at around$50, it’s nice to have a little peace of mind when it comes to damaging your new shears.

Here is what buyers have to say about these shears:


  • Very sharp
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Heavy and hard to lift
  • Some blades arrived dull
  • Scissors can skip over fabric, causing snags

Garrett Wade Professional Dressmaker Scissors

These Garrett Wade Professional Dressmaker Scissors are beautiful and amazing for function! These shears are classic medium size and weigh at just 8 inches overall.

The coolest thing about these scissors that I feel set them apart is the groves in the finger holes that slightly offset their balance.

Those grooves allow you to always set your scissors down flat on the table.

The movement of the scissors allows for a very smooth cut that can even turn on edges without pulling the fabric.

Here are some of the highs and lows that people who use these shears have experienced:


  • High-quality feel and function
  • Never snag or catch the fabric
  • Sheek look and feel


  • Dull quickly
  • Not ideal for everyday use

Gingher Knife Edge Bent Trimmers

The Gingher Knife Edge Bent Trimmers are a great option for crafters looking for a pair of shears with an angle.

These double plated scissors are 8 inches long with a specially contoured handle for an amazing comfort grip.

This design also allows for an extra comfort level for your thumbs and fingers, which will keep you from getting cramps or even blisters while cutting.

However, the best feature is the best design, which means that you won’t lift or pull the fabric while cutting.

So, here is how the Gingher Knife Edge Bent Trimmers stack up!


  • Comfortable to hold
  • Super sharp edge
  • Offers great control


  • Can feel a little heavy
  • Are a higher price point

Final Thoughts

A crafter is only as good as the tools that they use.

Stainless steel shears are the way to go when it comes to the scissors that you add to your crafter kit!

They have an extra sharp blade for clean cuts, but they are also rustproof and have a long shelf life. However, with every good comes the bad.

The one major downside to remember about stainless steel scissors is that they can dull more quickly than other heavy metal scissors. I tend to think that in this case, the pros outway the cons.

So, do a little research and find that great pair of stainless steel scissors for you!

Your projects and your hands will thank you for it. Good luck!

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