Why Are Scissors Important In First Aid Kits? (Explained)

First aid kits are great to have on hand for the home and your car. While first aid kits are customizable, the one thing you will find in every kit is a pair of scissors.

Which begs the question, why are scissors so important in first aid kits?

While you can carry around several cutting tools, nothing beats a pair of scissors when it comes to needing something quickly.

Here’s Why You Need Scissors in Your First Aid Kit:

Having a sharp pair of scissors can save a life. Scissors are so important to have in a first aid kit because they can cut through bandages, seatbelts, or even ropes. This might be necessary in times of crisis, such as after a car accident or on a dangerous hike.

What Are Scissors Used for in First Aid Kits?

The main function of scissors in a first aid kit is to cut through bandages.

While adhesive bandages are great for covering up a quick cut, larger injuries require more care. Scissors can easily cut through a roll of bandages to cover a wound. However, it isn’t only the size of the wound that would need you to use scissors.

Wounds are not always easy to cover or even straight. Scissors can be used to quickly cut out the exact size and shape of a bandage to cover your injury.

One of the biggest dangers of getting an injury while out on your own is infection.

An infection can quickly develop from a large cut and, if left untreated, can become life-threatening. Having scissors will allow you to cut a fresh bandage and let you remove an old bandage.

This way, you can always make sure to have a clean bandage on hand, which will reduce the risk of infection.

Another use for scissors in a first aid kit is when you need a quick escape. Being trapped in a car after an accident or getting caught up in a loose fence needs something sharp to break loose.

This is where having a great pair of scissors comes in handy. However, you need to make sure you have the right pair of scissors, perfect for any job.

How Can You Keep First Aid Scissors Sharp and Clean?

There is nothing worse than a pair of dull scissors.

In the case of an emergency, you don’t want to worry about your first aid scissors being sharp or clean because, frankly, in a crisis, you have to use what you have.

So, how can you keep your first aid scissors sharp and clean so that they are ready to be used every time you need them?

Keep Scissors Clean:

The first thing to do is keep your first aid kit packed with alcohol wipes.

These wipes not only help to clean out a wound to help reduce infection but also can sanitize your tools like your scissors.

The biggest thing you have to worry about is an infection, so you want to make sure the tools you use are always clean. So, give those a proper clean with a wipe before using.

While alcohol wipes are great for on-the-spot cleaning, there is more you need to do. When you’re not using your first aid kit, take the time to clean your scissors properly.

The best way to sanitize your scissors is to boil them in hot water.

However, if your scissors have plastic handles, you will have to keep that part of the scissors out of the water. Once the scissors are clean, let them air dry before placing them back in your kit.

Keep Scissors Sharp:

The other thing you will need to do is keep your scissors sharp.

Sharp scissors will be your best tool out in the field to cut through objects other than a roll of gauze. There are two different at-home tools that you can use to sharpen your scissors.

There are sharpening rods as well as automatic sharpeners. I would also recommend getting a sharpening strip to keep in your kit so that you can sharpen on the go.

Remember to properly wipe down the blades after sharpening to remove excess aluminum.

Can Scissors Cut a Seatbelt?

Scissors absolutely can be used to cut a seatbelt. They include things like hammers to break glass as well as razor cutters.

These “all-in-one” products may seem appealing, but did you know that you already have the solution in your first aid kit?

There is no need for extra tools when your scissors can easily cut through a seatbelt. However, it all goes back to how well you care for your scissors.

Seatbelts are made from a blend of synthetic plastic materials and natural fabrics. The unique way they are folded together makes the seatbelt strong enough to hold your body in place in case of a crash.

To cut through this tightly woven belt, you will need a pair of scissors that are not only sturdy but very sharp. This is why I recommend keeping a sharpening strip on hand.

Once your scissors are sharp enough, they will easily cut through a seat belt.

Cutting through a seatbelt can make all the difference after an accident. This is especially true if you find that your car is overturned or even in water.

Being able to escape quickly is the key to survival. So, skip the fancy tool kits and keep a pair of sharp scissors on hand.

Can Scissors Cut a Wire?

While your scissors may be sharp enough to cut through wire, it is not recommended to use scissors to cut wire.

The first thing to consider is the type of wire you are cutting. Wires connected to some form of electricity should not be cut using scissors because scissors are made almost completely of metal, leading to injury if electrocuted.

Another type of wire you may try to cut with scissors is metal wire. This wire can be found on fences or any barrier material.

While there isn’t a risk of getting electrocuted, this wire will not be easy to cut using a pair of scissors. Also, metal trying to slice through metal may result in you cutting your hands or fingers, which can cause injury if not treated properly.

When cutting wire safely, avoid using scissors and instead add a pair of specific shears to your kit.

I suggest a wire cutting tool than also features a rubber handle. These shears are meant to cut through the tough metal wire so you can avoid hurting yourself.

Also, the rubber grip keeps you grounded so that if it is a live wire connected to electricity, you won’t get zapped.

Can Scissors Cut through Clothing?

Scissors work great for cutting through clothing. You can easily cut through all fabrics with the right pair of scissors.

While there are plenty of scissors specifically designed for sewing and dressmaking, you should be using a standard pair of scissors when it comes to a first aid kit.

However, it is important to remember why you may need to cut through clothes in an emergency. Most times, you will be cutting the clothes to dress and treat a wound.

You may also need to use the scissors to make a fabric tourniquet or even free someone who has gotten their clothing snagged on something.

So, you should be less concerned with keeping a pair of sewing scissors in your first aid kit and make sure that they are clean and sharp. If you are an avid hiker or outdoors person, you may want to invest in a certain type of emergency scissors.

These are the same ones that you can find in hospitals made to cut through clothing cleanly. Remember that no matter the type of scissors you use, you will need to care for them properly.

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