How Much Do Scissors Weigh? (5 Helpful Examples)

Do you want to grow your collection of scissors for sewing and crafting?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the weight of five different types of scissors.

Here’s How much Scissors Weigh:

Most sewing scissors weigh between 1.5 and 8.5 ounces. The weight of the scissors is usually evenly distributed between the handles and the blades. The average pair of sewing scissors is about 6 inches long and has a blade that is 2.5 inches long. Depending on the brand, the weight will change.

Types of Scissors:

Depending on the materials and construction, different types of scissors can weigh more or less.

Before you choose the best pair for you, consider the following types and their average weights. Then, you can ensure the pair you buy is similar to others in the same category.

1. Sewing Scissors

Sewing scissors are perfect for cutting fabric and thread, though they come in a variety of options. Some scissors are at less than 1.5 ounces, while others top 8.5 ounces.

The weight depends on the size and materials of the scissors. For example, an 8-inch pair of dressmaker’s shears are heavier than mini scissors.

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You can also find plenty of scissors between these two extremes in size and weight. Be sure to start a collection of different scissors that can meet your needs when sewing or cutting fabric and other materials.

2. Hair Styling Scissors

Hair styling shears weigh around two ounces and don’t vary as much as sewing scissors. Most shears are about six or six and a half inches long.

They also tend to use all metal, so there shouldn’t be a huge difference in the weight between pairs.

Of course, lightweight shears are nice since you tend to hold them up high when cutting hair.

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You also need to use them for a long period without a break. So having lighter scissors is more important than if you need to cut fabric for a few minutes at a time.

3. Kitchen Scissors

Kitchen scissors need to be heavier and bulkier than hair styling shears and some sewing scissors. These scissors tend to weigh around five ounces or so.

The scissors you use in the kitchen must be heavy enough to cut various foods and packaging. For example, you might cut a slice of pizza or prepare a quesadilla with scissors.

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Those foods can be quite thick, and you need scissors that can handle the job. If you get too light scissors, they won’t have the strength to do what you need.

4. School Scissors

School scissors tend to work for a variety of uses, including student projects. Many students use scissors to cut paper to make art or to prepare a science presentation, for example.

Of course, the weight can vary depending on the model. Some scissors weigh about 3.5 ounces, which is heavy enough to support cutting paper.

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However, you might find some smaller scissors for younger students. Those pairs can weigh less since they don’t use as much material.

5. Gardening Scissors

One of the heaviest types of scissors you’ll find is gardening scissors. A good pair usually uses stainless steel blades, and the handles tend to be thicker than on other scissors.

You have to use these scissors to trim bushes, which can be difficult. The blades must be thick and durable, as do the handles.

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Still, you may find some gardening scissors weighing only around three ounces. The specifics vary between brands and models, as with anything else.

Do Heavier Scissors Cut Through Fabric Better?

Heavier scissors may cut through fabric better than some other options.

However, the best choice is to use electric scissors since you don’t have to manually cut the materials.

If electric scissors aren’t an option, you have a few factors to consider. You don’t always need the heaviest pair of scissors you can find, so here are a few other things to take into account.

– Consider the Material

First, you should consider what fabric you need to cut. For example, denim, leather, and other thicker fabrics will probably require heavier scissors to get a good cut.

However, linens and other thin materials might not require heavy shears. You could get away with regular scissors or some other pair since you don’t need to cut through as much fabric.

Make sure you review the thickness of what you need to cut. Consider testing a few scissors on it to see which pair is best and if you can get away with a lighter-weight option.

– Determine How Much to Cut

Another factor to consider is how much cutting you’ll need to do. If you need some light trimming, you might not need the bulkiest part of scissors in your collection.

However, starting a new project, you should get a heavier pair. You can cut through more of the fabric without the blade getting too dull.

Grabbing heavy scissors is especially important when cutting a lot of thicker fabrics. For lighter fabrics, you can get away with scissors of average weight.

– Make Sure They’re Sharp

Of course, you also want to ensure you don’t use dull scissors. If you’ve had the scissors for a while, consider sharpening the blades to get a clear, even cut.

You can get a scissor sharpener to keep in your sewing room when you need it. You won’t rush to buy a sharpener when your scissors get dull.

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Consider keeping some throw-away material to use for testing the sharpness of scissors. If you have extra materials from old projects, keep them on hand for the future.

Are Heavier Scissors Better Quality?

It may seem like heavier scissors are always going to be of better quality than other pairs.

However, you should consider a few other things relating to the quality.

Some heavy scissors are great, but others might not be the best. Here are a couple of aspects to keep in mind when looking for the best pair of scissors.

– Consider the Brand

One of the most important factors in the quality of the scissors is the brand. You want to stick to reputable brands, from Singer to Fiskars, when looking for scissors.

The cheap scissors might work for a while, but they won’t hold up. So even if you find a cheap pair that weighs more, it probably won’t be of better quality.

It’s better to invest in a good pair of scissors, regardless of the weight. You won’t have to replace the scissors in a few months.

– Review the Sharpness

In some cases, a lighter pair of scissors may be of better quality if they’re very sharp. Especially when cutting a lot of fabric, you don’t want to deal with scissors that keep getting dull.

Sure, you may have a scissor sharpener. But if you always have to use it, you can waste a lot of time you could otherwise spend cutting materials and sewing.

Suppose you can’t tell how sharp a pair is when buying; check out some customer reviews. Look for any mention of the sharpness to determine how often you might need to sharpen the blades.

Are Heavier Scissors More Expensive?

You might also wonder if heavier scissors will always be the most expensive. Sure, they can be more expensive, but that’s not always the case.

Before you buy your next pair of shears, consider what can affect the cost. Then, you’ll be able to get the scissors you need to keep sewing.

– Size and Materials

Of course, larger scissors will usually cost more than a smaller pair.

They require more materials to produce, so two pairs of varying sizes that use the same materials will differ in price.

However, specific materials can also come into play. Even if two pairs are the same size, consider if one pair has a plastic handle and the other has a metal handle.

The different materials can also affect the overall cost of the pair. Sometimes, a specific metal, such as stainless steel, can also affect the cost.

– Production Quality

You also want to consider the quality of the manufacturing process.

Even if a pair of scissors use good materials, it might not cost that much if the manufacturer is cheap.

On the other hand, a smaller pair or a pair with cheaper materials could still cost more. Whoever the scissor brand uses to produce its products can have an impact on the final price.

You want scissors with good materials and a quality production process if possible. Even if the scissors aren’t the heaviest, they’ll be more enjoyable.


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